Time flows

Verse 1
D D+7
Rivers flow, birds fly away,
D7 Hm
We don’t control the words we say.
G Gm D
And things we own end up possessing us.

All day long the Earth revolves,
Your hair grows grey, resolve dissolves,
And you are here, but you live in the past.

Hm E
But if you stop and think about what you are,
Hm E
You might find out that the past is very far.
Hm G
And trees grow high! This fact implies,
That we don’t really realise…
Time flies.

Verse 2
You drown yourself in memories,
Remember that, remember this,
But you cannot revert the things you’ve done.

You run around, you waste your life
On something you don’t even like,
You think, that’s how it works for everyone.

Refrain again

||: Hm – G – Hm – G – Hm – G – F#7 :|| x2
Hm – G – E – A – D

Verse 3
When you were young, you used to play…
But now you watch TV and pray,
And there’s a bunch of things that you can buy.

World has changed or was it you?
But you still do the things you do.
And you don’t really know what for and why.

Alternative refrain
But if you stop and look around, while you can,
You’ll find your pockets full of shiny useless sand.
But trees grow high and present calls,
And still nobody really knows…
Time flows.

You say the words, or you just don’t,
It doesn’t matter, they don’t hold,
And asymptotically they tend to nil.

Rivers flow, birds fly away,
It doesn’t matter what you say,
It doesn’t even matter what I sing…
Because time flows…

Update, песня в аранжировке от Июля 2019 года:

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