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This is one of the first silly songs that I’ve written in English. It is about nothing, but hope you can still enjoy it :).

And here are the words:

High above the ground, below the rising sun
I’m flying with my jet pack and feeling high and fun:
I see a bunch of people, I see them crawling home
I know that I’m the smallest birdy in the world
I’m flying on.

The wind is moving clouds or clouds are moving wind,
The life with every second gets better than it seemed.
And in this sunny weather and in this sunny mood
I’m acting like the smartest birdy in the wood,
I’m flying on.

People all around are saying,
Start walking and please do stop playing
You are really nothing but the
Man who sings about a little bird…

But I don’t really care what fools can say to me,
I’m penetrating clouds to see my liberty.
And in this endless motion I try to reach the sun,
Cause’ that is why I’m singing this song for everyone,
I’m flying on.

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